Top Ten Most Popular Magazines in Pakistan 2015 – 2016


The first magazine was introduced in 18th century, which has various topics in one single publication. The magazines are a good combination of glamour, fashion and culture. Various stories and series of novels are written which give entertainment to its readers. Whether young or old, people of all ages enjoy reading magazines. A number if English and Urdu magazines are published in Pakistan, some of them are as follows:

1) Akhbar-i-Jahan:
It is published by Jang Group of publications and is the leading Urdu magazine of Pakistan. It has various articles including fashion, cooking, sports, showbiz, picture gallery, health, education and many more.

2) Family Magazine:
It is the second largest Urdu circulated magazine of Pakistan. It covers all topics like recipes, tips, stories, etc. This magazine is owned by the famous Nawai waqt Group.

3) Weekly Pulse:
It is a popular magazine which covers world news, kids and youth corners, articles related to science and technology, religious section, interviews, health, diet and beauty tips, etc. almost everything is covered in this single edition.

4) Pakistan and Gulf Economist:
This magazine basically covers articles related to economy, agriculture, stock exchange, technology news and much more.

5) Pakistan Textile Journal Magazine:
It is a magazine which has articles related to textile industry. It is published on monthly basis. Technology, knitting, weaving, embroidery, dyeing, garments and much more topics are published in one magazine.

6) Herald:
It is published monthly in Pakistan. It mainly focus on the current affairs of Pakistan. This magazine is published by Dawn Media Group.

7) She Magazine:
It is one of the best fashion magazines in Pakistan. It contains all fashion news, beauty and style tips, hair and skin care, makeup techniques and much more.

8) Global Science:
It is published in Urdu language. It contains all the scientific news, inventions, recipes, small science articles, etc. it provide great knowledge and information for its readers.

9) Phool:
It is the most popular and largest circulated kids’ magazine published by Nawai-Waqt Group of publications. It is educating young generation with entertainment.

10) Newsweek Pakistan:
It is a news magazine and was founded in 2010. It contains all the news related to technology, culture, business and international news.

Therefore, magazines give us a variety of news in an interesting way. Reading well-written magazines are worth reading. They are beneficial for us in every way.

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